What is Maritimeplatform?

The maritime platform will be your destination for all maritime live video streaming, live online videos by seafarers and online videos on the maritime.
We are a multidimensional platform, specifically catering to an important niche, that is the Maritime Industry. In a world full of sights, where everything is becoming digital now, capturing and sharing is becoming the strongest mode for both learning and entertainment. Just as we expanded from print to static digital media, today the focus is shifting to videos as a means towards this endeavour.

According to recent statistics as of this year, i.e., 2020, approximately:
• Every 6th person out of 10 likes to watch online videos over television.
• 5 billion videos are being watched every day.
• 300-hour worth of video content is uploaded, every 60 seconds.
• There are some 31 million available video channels!

That clearly shows the importance, extent and reach of videos as a mode for sharing and educating one another. That said, these statistics are for all videos, pertaining to every topic under the sun, from food to news to parenting, and I could go on. So, you can see how easy it may be to get lost in the tide of videos, both as a viewer and a content creator.

We bring a platform dedicated to people in the Maritime Industry to share and view videos captured by their fellow seafarers’ all in one place. Share, watch, learn, explore, and know all about the Maritime Industry. Do not get lost, in the crowd of generic content, and don’t let your content lose visibility. This is a place for all seafarers to shine and share. To let the rest of the world, know see and understand, what the Maritime Industry is. From a seafarer, for the seafarers, to all the seafarers. Taking the Maritime Industry to the world, one video at a time!

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Why the Maritime Industry?

There is so much information, knowledge, and entertainment available within this one industry. This platform is a humble effort to have all of it from around the world available at one place.
The Maritime Industry has such a wide array of subjects in terms of vessel types, various operations, equipment, ports, waterways and of course seafarers who are sailing and operating the vessels at sea and ashore in various capacities. Then there are thousands of training institutes and colleges where there are excellent faculties teaching marine subjects.

Seafarers and people related to maritime industry are now becoming more forthcoming in sharing their moments. They have a lot of scope and material to create and develop interesting content, which they like to share, to showcase their talents and bring more awareness regarding this industry.
• Vlogs by seafarers (about their workday, their rooms etc.)
• Time lapses
• Celebrations on board
• Performances onboard
• Yard deliveries
• Beaching of vessels
• Videos relating to job profile details
• Videos, regarding engineering and working of vessels
• Maintain ace of machinery
• New innovations in the Industry
• Technical subjects relating to ports

These and a lot more content is already being uploaded. We are providing a roof to this content. We also provide the base for you to plant the seeds of any new content idea, that may not have been tried yet. One place for all that the Maritime industry has to offer. If you are still wondering What kind of content to upload? We have enlisted some ideas and suggestions on the type of content to share and watch that you will like.

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Uniting the world and how!

The Maritime Industry is one where the entire world comes together to act as a cohesive unit, for things to work across the seven seas.
Allow us to state an example:
A ship can be built in one country, owned by a person in another country, it can be registered in a 3rd country, it can be manned by seafarers of a 4th country, and managed by a company in a 5th country, chartered by a company in a 6th country.
This, therefore, is one of the few industries, for which the world is built without borders. A seafarer on the job belongs to the world, and not any country.
Safe to say our platform, is home to all seafarers from across the globe, irrespective of man-made borders, which are invisible to the Maritime Industry.

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All this and more…

Now that you know who we are. This is everything and more that you can do on this website.
This website is for you, your friends your family and your work people. Here is everything that you can do here:
1. Share videos (see; How to use the website?)
2. Share maritime news
3. Create vlogs
4. Create, run, and promote your channel (see; How do you start your own channel?)
5. Live stream performances from your ship(ofcourse,your ship's internet has to support you;))
6. Live stream events and let your family and friends know what you are doing
7. Share your experiences onboard with the entire world, even those outside the industry
8. Let the world see what the Maritime Industry is all about
9. View interesting, entertaining, and educational videos
10. Like follow and share content and let the world see your creative seafarer friend’s talent (see; How do Likes and Shares work on our website?)
11. Stay updated on maritime news
12. Earn from ads and views (see How does monetization work on this website?)
Learn, entertain, be entertained, share, and earn. Seafarers’ Tube is where you can target your content to the exact audience and your specific audience can reach you, without any hassles or detours.

So, everyone Come Aboard!

For any queries regarding the use of this website please head over to the FAQ section.

For those who want to learn more visit Our Q&A website to get answers to questions relating to the maritime industry

For blogs on the Maritime Industry visit Our website on maritime blogs

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