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World This Week- Special Focus : Facilitate Crew Change at Indian & Foreign Ports

World This Week- Special Focus : Facilitate Crew Change at Indian & Foreign Ports

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In today’s edition of “World This Week- Weekly Updates from The Maritime Business”, our focus is on 'Facilitating Crew Change at Indian & Foreign Ports'

We invited Capt. Sanjay Prashar, Managing Director, VR Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd to give us an insight on the measures which are being taken up to facilitate sign on/ sign off of the Indian Seafarers. Capt. Prashar has been the voice of Indian Seafarers for several years. Many seafarers in need of help from any part of the world call him for assistance. He has taken up the matters related to Seafarers Human Rights to the highest levels in India and also at International platforms. He is often invited by mainstream Indian and International media to share his view on these matters. We also asked him about many Indian seafarers losing jobs due to travel restrictions during COVID -19 pandemic.

Capt. Sanjay Prashar concluded the interview with his pledge "It is my national duty to ensure that the crew change is smoothened up and I will live up to that promise to mother earth and my fellow seafarers.
Jai Hind
Jai Navik"

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Capt Virendra N Mishra
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